Update for the start of the senior hockey season

As we head into the first competitive weekend of our season for senior hockey, here is an update on the latest information about returning to play and some important reminders.

The good news is that, following on from the government’s statement earlier this week, as an organised team sport, hockey can continue to be played.

However in order to ensure this remains the case and that we can continue to play, we must all ensure we are following the Return To Play guidelines available on the England Hockey website. All our members should have completed the participation agreement and it is important that we ALL remember what we agreed to by signing the agreement.

A few key points to highlight.

  • Ensure you sign in for every session (For matches with your team captain or vice-captain.)
  • Ensure you socially distance off the pitch at all times and in groups no bigger than 6.
  • If travelling with team mates, ensure you wear a face covering and that the car is well ventilated. Sit apart, no more than two passengers on the back seat.
  • At away venues please follow any guidance given by the host club and respect any rules.

For matches and training at ISSC Rushmere, Ipswich School have asked that we adhere to the following guidance –

  • All bookings should not arrive more than 10 minutes before their booking and leave promptly afterwards, stick to your areas booked to allow other groups to use the walk ways, paths and toilets. Rule of 6 will apply to people gathering outside of their activity and at a distance of 2m apart or 1m plus with barriers in place (face masks).
  • The building has a one way system on the ground floor for people to use the toilet, each set of male and female toilets have an entrance and an exit, masks must be worn whilst inside the building, this is a school facility and is a major point for the facility to be open. As per Government guidance there are no changing facilities and attendees are required to come kit ready.
  • Hand sanitiser stations can be found at the entrance and exit to the building and again in the toilets.
  • No one should be playing loud music outside to limit the need for people to shout.
  • Spectators are limited to 1 parent/guardian plus siblings.
  • Lost property will not be retained on site under current Covid conditions, clear your area after use. It is shocking the amount of used face masks that are found around the site each day; use it or bin it, do not leave for others to dispose of.

Whilst things are not as we would like them to be, if we all follow the rules we can still have an enjoyable and successful season.