IES Club Bulletin 02 November 2020

England Hockey have announced a suspension of all hockey from Thursday 5 November to Friday 4 December following the government’s lockdown announcement on Saturday.  Sadly, therefore, this means that there will be no hockey for either the Juniors or Seniors after adult training this week, which will go ahead tomorrow and Wednesday.

The club will carefully monitor the situation to ensure that we are prepared for a return to action.

For the senior section, this could see league matches being played on the 5th, 12th and even the 19th December. Equally with access to facilities likely to be an issue for some clubs and no certainty that the lockdown will end on 4 Decemberwe may encounter a longer delay.

For the junior section, if the lockdown is lifted, we may be able to return to training on Sunday 6 December, but we will need to wait and see as to whether the scheduled EH matches for the U14 and U16 girls will go ahead on that day, or whether they will be delayed.

As always, we will keep you in touch with developments as we know them.

Stay safe

IES Hockey Club

IES: League Fixtures 31/10/20:

Team Date Opponent Venue Time
Mens 1st 31/10/20 St Albans 2 Oakland Coll 13:00
Mens 2nd 31/10/20 Pelicans 2 ISSC P2 14:30
Mens 3rd 31/10/20 Harleston 3 HMHC sand 12:00
Mens 4th 31/10/20 Norwich City 4 ISSC P2 12:30
Mens 5th 31/10/20 Bury 5 Culford 10:00
Ladies 1st 31/10/20 St Albans 2 Oakland Coll 12:15
Ladies 2nd 31/10/20 <No game>    
Ladies 3rd 31/10/20 Christchur 3 ISSC P1 10:30
Ladies 4th 31/10/20 Ipswich 4 Tudd’m Rd 16:00

IES: League Fixtures 24/10/20:

Team Date Opponent Venue Time
Mens 1st 24/10/20 Spalding 1 ISSC P2 14:30
Mens 2nd 24/10/20 UEA 2 UEA 11:30
Mens 3rd 24/10/20 Norwich Dragons 2 ISSC P3 11:00
Mens 4th 24/10/20 Norwich Exiles 1 Taverham 13:45
Mens 5th 24/10/20 Colchester 3 ISSC P3 13:00
Ladies 1st 24/10/20 Old Loughts 1 ISSC P2 12:30
Ladies 2nd 24/10/20 Bury 3 Culford 12:00
Ladies 3rd 24/10/20 Bury 4 Culford 10:00
Ladies 4th 24/10/20 Framling’m 2 ISSC P1 10:30

IES: League Fixtures 17/10/20

Team Date Opponent Venue Time
Mens 1st 17/10/20 <No game>    
Mens 2nd 17/10/20 East Coast 1 ISSC P2 14:30
Mens 3rd 17/10/20 Felixstowe 1 Felixstowe Academy 13:30
Mens 4th 17/10/20 UEA 3 ISSC P3 13:00
Mens 5th 17/10/20 Felixstowe 3 Felixstowe Academy 16:30
Ladies 1st 17/10/20 Cambs Univ 1 Camb Univ HC 11:00
Ladies 2nd 17/10/20 Ipswich 3 ISSC P2 11:30
Ladies 3rd 17/10/20 Colchester 4 ISSC P1 10:30
Ladies 4th 17/10/20 Felixstowe 3 Felixstowe Academy 15:00

IES 4th XI 2 – Dereham – 3

Dereham away brings shivers to many a spine. The pitch is slow, it’s a long way from Ipswich and IES 4th XI invariably lose the match and some precious elements of the away changed strip. Would the 2020 version be any different? And it wasnt any different in terms of palaeontology – the Pulham dinosaur was still standing proud (all be it without scarf). 

Well after picking up points at home against Thetford on the preceding Saturday, the squad changed again. The SS were drafted back in (Scarff and Spurling) and TB was experienced again (Thornton and Black). These four were combined with Williams 1 and 2, Elsom, Whiting, Vince, Ramsey and Murray. And just to make up the numbers we experienced the MP shuffle – Meades replacing Page.

The warm up was surprisingly productive and the match started in glorious Norfolk sunshine with the Maestro Elsom in jovial mood on the bench. Shortly thereafter the rain started and wow it did pour. Elsom used all his experience and found a brolly and then even greater common sense in refusing to come on until the deluge ceased. By that time IES were 1 down. Williams jnr deflected a ball high into his own D and Williams snr deflected it backwards rather than stopping it, Thornton did likewise and Dereham knocked it in leaving Black with no hope.

Dereham continued to dominate the first half but last gasp defending, some decent keeping and some poor finishing kept it close. At one point Whiting decided midfield was too much for him so he engaged in pointless discussion with one of the umpires – pointless because debating issues with an umpire isn’t to be advised and pointless because the umpire was clearly right. Then after 25 minutes the rain stopped and Thornton got cramp and the Maestro found someone to put down his brolly for him and appeared on the pitch – just in time for the half-time team talk. Our hardcore fans also reappeared from sheltering in their cars. Why, if you have driven for 90 minutes, do you decide to sit in your car rather than stand out in a monsoon watching your son play hockey, is beyond your reporter. Your reporter would have found the nearest coffee shop instead.

Anyway, the half time talk was about the team still being in it and the importance of returning all the away blue kit after the match. The second half started and the sun shone. And IES improved markedly. Vince slotted in well at right back and Ramsey linked well in midfield. The Scarff and Williams jnr left side stitch up continued dynamically and Meades and Whiting were diligent in the middle. Elsom and Simpson demonstrated that the skill required at centre forward is all about the timing of the run and Murray coped with the ineffective Williams snr rather than his normal mate Page at the back.

Then Capitan Williams made a mistake – almost a fatal one. He positioned Whiting at right post on a defensive penalty corner. Whiting stopped the ball – waited an age – and let the centre forward amble up and knock it in from a foot. At which point Whiting decided to move from embarrassment to impetuosity and swiped at the ball in frustration. He missed the ball – his stick slipped out his hand and flew hard and fast across the D and very nearly decapitated Murray – who at the time was inspecting the spot from which he’d scored an own goal in the 2019 version of Dereham. Anyway 2-0 it was and all was safe and Whiting unusually apologetic. 

Then IES improved – the pressure is off when you are 2 down. And a slew of penalty corners were won. Elsom was in charge and was in military history mode. He scored one with a passable impression of Barnes-Wallis and then a bit later did the hockey verion of the Maginot Line and set up Scarff for a tap-in. Sadly, between the two – Dereham scored a third – courtesy of a Williams jnr own goal.

With 5 to go IES pressed and pressed and actually played pretty well. But despite crosses from the right, chances from penalty corners and no little effort the equalizer didn’t come. And the match finished in a 3-2 loss and with a long trip in sopping wet kit back home. Where it was then discovered that all 24 socks were present and accounted for – so much so that Williams very jnr counted 25. 

IES started the day in 7th – lost and finished the day in 7th. How’s that for odd. Next week a nice easy home game against top of the %age table, UEA 2nd XI. Plenty of running required – that doesn’t bode well for 80%+ of the team.

As to man of the match – Black played well, Whiting wasn’t bad (other than decapitation – gate), Meades had his best game this season (and is another year older and didn’t nick any socks this year) – but the award goes to Murray. He played well – didn’t score an own goal – and still had his head despite Whiting’s best efforts.

IES: League Fixtures 10 & 11 October 2020

Team Date Opponent Venue Time
Mens 1st 10/10/20 Wapping 3 ISSC P2 14:30
Mens 2nd 10/10/20 Newmkt 1 Nmkt Leis Centre 15:00
Mens 3rd 10/10/20 UEA 2 ISSC P3 11:30
Mens 4th 10/10/20 Dereham 3 Dereham HC 13:30
Mens 5th 10/10/20 Ipswich 4 ISSC P3 13:30
Ladies 1st 10/10/20 Ipswich 1 ISSC P2 12:30
Ladies 2nd 10/10/20 Colchester 2 Garrison 12:30
Ladies 3rd 10/10/20 IES 4 ISSC 12:00
Ladies 4th 10/10/20 IES 3 ISSC P1 12:00
Mens 1st 11/10/20 Waltham Forest 1 ISSC P2 12:30

IES Club Bulletin 28 August 2020

IES Club Bulletin – 28th August 2020

A huge thank you to all on our Covid-19 working group and especially to Moira Bryan, James Gray – our Covid Officer – and Phil Buck for all their hard work in getting us back on the pitch. We are also very grateful to Dawn Claxton for arranging some PPE equipment and additional training in the use of PPE for all our first aiders.

As you will all appreciate a lot of time and effort has been invested in getting the various elements for a safe return in place and it is very important that the whole membership support and respect the new procedures and that we keep everyone at our club and our visiting team as safe as is possible.

We are also very grateful to Moira who has kindly agreed to take on the Membership Secretary role, at least in the short term. Moira has already made some big improvements in sorting out the management of our data and our communication with our membership.

Annual Membership Payments Now Due

In light of the current situation, IES Hockey Club will be keeping membership fees at the same level as last season. We do now need to collect these fees for the sustainability of the club whatever the constraints that the ongoing Covid-19 situation may bring. Full details of how to pay have been emailed to members.

Reduced Match Fees for Senior Hockey

The club committee has agreed a temporary reduction in match fees of £8 adult and £4 students/juniors whilst we are not providing teas for home games.  Match fees will be payable on Club Day and thereafter.

Face coverings at ISSC Rushmere

ISSC has asked that people wear face coverings when inside the Sports Centre. We would be grateful if you could follow this policy please, even if you are only popping in to use the toilet facilities.

Reminders for your diary

  • Men’s training every Tuesday 7.30pm to 9.30pm. Please note that the training session on Tues 1 Sept will run from 7-8.30p, to enable a Men’s 1s match to take place afterwards.
  • Women’s training 7pm to 9.30pm.
  • Saturday 5 September – Club Day: Intra club matches. 12.30pm W3 v W4 & M1 v M2&3 2.30pm W1 v W2 & M4 v M5 Please contact your captain to confirm your availability.
  • Sunday 6 September – Junior programme to restart.
  • Saturday 12 September – friendly matches. (see list in the table below.)
  • Saturday 19 September – scheduled start of leagues (all details on the East website).


Saturday 12 September Friendly Matches


Team  Opposition L/F H/A Start  Venue
M1  Norwich City 1 F A 14.30  Taverham
M2/3  Colchester 2 F H 12.00  ISSC
M4  Colchester 3 F A 10.00  Colchester Garrison
M5  Colchester 4 F A 15.30 Colchester Garrison
W1  Norwich City 1 F A 13.00  Taverham
W2  Bury St Ed 3 F H 11.30  ISSC
W3/4  Bury St Ed 4 F H 13.30  ISSC

Start of Leagues – Saturday 19 September

The move to Step 5 that will allow a return to League Hockey is not certain, but it is looking likely, with an announcement expected early next week. We will update members as soon as we hear.


A big thank you to Chris Hatch for all his work is sorting all the booking for our home fixtures with ISSC. Full details / times will be shared ASAP.

Senior Training Sessions Start Again

This is a reminder that Senior training starts again this week at Ipswich School Sports Centre, Rushmere:

  • Men’s Training – Tuesday 25 August, 7.30-9.30pm
  • Ladies’ Training – Wednesday 26 August, 7-9pm.

Please note there are new Covid-19 procedures in place:

1 – You must have completed the England Hockey Participation Agreement in order to train, at least 24 hours before training. Please click here to complete the form if you haven’t already done so (you only need to complete it once): England Hockey Participation Agreement

2 – Please make sure you sign in with the people in hi-viz jackets on the night, as we need to have a record of your attendance for Track and Trace purposes.

3 – Please don’t come to the training session if you have any Covid-19 symptoms:

  • a high temperature – this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature)
  • a new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)
  • a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste – this means you’ve noticed you cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal

4 – The sports centre will only be open for people to use the toilets, and there is a one way system in place.

IES Club Bulletin – Return to Hockey – 10 August 2020

We hope that you are all looking forward to returning to hockey as much as the IES Committee is!

It was announced by England Hockey on Friday that hockey training and local matches can now start, which is, of course, very exciting news. The club is required to put several safeguards in place and everyone who wants to be involved will have to register. This bulletin explains everything that you need to do for this new season.

1 – Sign up to play

If you want to get back to playing / umpiring or coaching, you must complete the England Hockey Participation Agreement.  If you don’t complete the agreement you cannot participate. You must sign up at least 24 hours before you want to take part – so please do this as soon as possible.

You will find the online form here:  England Hockey Participation Agreement

All participants must read and follow the ‘advice to participants’ available below and on the England Hockey website here  

2 – Club Covid-19 Officer

The club appointed officer is James Gray, and he is responsible along with the club committee for ensuring the club follows all the guidelines set by EH and government.

3 – Updating your contact details on the IES Club database

To help with the track and trace we must ask all members – both Junior and Senior – to update their information on our membership database for the 2020/21 season.

You can log in to access your information here:

When you are logged in, you will then be able to view the information we hold for you/ your children. Click on the arrow for the drop down menu to select the 2020-21 season – this will provide you with pre-filled information which you can update as necessary and then save.

There are detailed instructions about how to do this on the below pdf.

Usually at this time of year, we also ask for the payment of membership fees, but we won’t be doing that yet. If for any reason you or your children will not be coming back to IES this season, please do let us know by email and we can remove you from our database. We hope this won’t be the case though!

Please note – if you haven’t previously been a member at IES, please email Moira Bryan ( to get a link to the registration form.

4 – Ipswich School Sports Centre

The sports centre is currently closed, but the centre will start a 3-stage reopening from Monday 24th August. Once the centre reopens, access will strictly be limited to the pitches and the toilets. Clear signage will be in place and social distancing rules will apply other than whilst on the pitch.

5 – Training

Club training will start on Tuesday 25th August (Men) and Wednesday 26th August (Women).  In addition, we are holding a training test event on Wednesday 19th August to test our Covid-19 processes. We are inviting a group of 1st team squad men and women to this session only.

We have some Junior training on the week beginning 17 August, and an email has already been sent to our Junior members about this.

The club will be keeping records of those attending all sessions and retaining this information for 21 days after the date of each session in line with England Hockey Covid-19 guidelines.

6 – Dates for your diary

  • Wednesday 19 August, 7pm to 9pm. Test training session men’s 1s & women’s 1s only.
  • Tuesday 25 August, 7.30pm to 9.30pm – Men’s training.
  • Wednesday 26 August, 7pm to 9pm – Women’s training.
  • Saturday 5 September – Club Day: Intra club matches. 1pm W3 v W4 & M1 v M2&3 2.30pm W1 v W2 & M4 v M5 Please contact your captain to confirm your availability. (Updated list of team captains at the end of this bulletin).
  • Sunday 6 September – Junior programme to restart – an email will be sent to Junior members about this with details of new training times.
  • Saturday 12 September – friendly matches, details to be confirmed.
  • Saturday 19 September – scheduled start of leagues (all details on the East website).

7. PDF documents

instructions to update registration information


IES End of Season Awards Video

For those of you who missed it or want to relive the virtual End of Season Awards again you can find the video on our YouTube channel following this link:

Thank you to everyone who took part and for all who joined us for the live screening!