Membership and Fees

Membership Form

New members- please register and sign up at LoveAdmin.

Existing members can review/amend their details and renew their memberships by logging into with their existing accounts. An email reminder will be sent round before the start of every season. Membership payments are due at the start of the season – 1st September 2019).
Membership payments can be made via cash, cheque or bank transfer/BACS. Whilst it is possible to make payment via the LoveAdmin website, we ask our members not to use this method as the payment will incur a transaction fee. Bank transfer/BACS is the preferred payment.

Please note that with effect from the start of the 2019 – 2020 season, the term ‘Student Member’ will be used for young players (generally 13 – 18 years or those continuing in full time education beyond 18) who participate in the Senior hockey programme. This is simply to provide clarity between those players and the young players who attend the Sunday morning coaching and related competitions programme who will continue to be called ‘Junior Members’.

 IES Membership & Playing Costs

Playing and associated Membership fees. These are payable by Senior players and Student players who play in the senior hockey programme on Saturdays.

Fees for 2019-20 are listed below. These are subject to variation by the Club Executive Committee, in the event of factors beyond the control of the Club or factors associated with use of the playing and social facilities at Ipswich School Sports Centre (ISSC).

Full annual senior playing membership of IES HC (2019-20), effective from 1st September 2019, is £120.00 (men) and £120.00 (ladies) with students (i.e. those in full time education or under-18) at £60.00.

There is also a Saturday match fee of £10.00 (senior men), £10.00 (senior ladies), £5.00 (student men) or £5.00 (student ladies). Match fees accumulated over the season are set to also cover the cost of about 25 mid-week training sessions, general club costs e.g., 1st Aid supplies, match balls and teas at home or travelling when away from home (for all league and friendly games). This represents outstanding value for a good day out, including a game of hockey, on Saturdays during the winter months (Sept – Early April) and membership of ISSC.

Non-Saturday playing ‘Associate Membership’, also known as Sunday/Midweek (S/M) membership, [ie, covering non-participation in the main Saturday match programme, (which, we regret, is non-voting and non-inclusive of membership of ISSC*)] is also available at £30.00 (men or ladies).

Non-playing Senior Membership (voting), primarily applicable to club umpires and retired players, is available at £60.00.

The Club also welcomes non-playing members as Social Associates (non-voting & non-ISSC membership) at an annual subscription of £9.00. This may be applicable for volunteers, those wishing to make a small donation to the club and all those who generally wish to be on the club’s contact and e-mailing lists.

Payment of either the full Senior or Student Subscription or the S/M Subscription allows the (associate)/member to be considered for selection in the Summer League teams (May – July, mid-week evening games) and the Suffolk HA Indoor Leagues (October – April, mostly Monday evening games at ISSC in the sports hall). Note that there may be restricted opportunities to play as the club fields about half the number of teams in the Summer League and indoor League competitions as it does in the regular winter outdoor league programme.

Other participation fees for 2019/20 include:

  • Midweek evening Mixed Hockey Match Fee; at cost (about £5.00 for seniors, depends on squad sizes and needs to break even, so the Captain has some flexibility in order to meet the target)
  • 1 day Mixed or Men’s / Ladies Tournament Fee £5.00
  • Training Fee (non S/M or non Full member) £2.00
  • Monday evening Indoor Hockey (Suffolk Indoor Leagues or Summer social sport) fee £6.00 per 2 game or per 3 game evening session (or £2 – £3 per game)
  • Summer evening Match Fee £5.00 (with Captain’s discretion to vary, in order to meet the target)
  • Sunday/National Competition Match Fee £10.00
  • 1-off or ad-hoc midweek games – at shared cost

Full Senior or Student Membership of the Hockey Club includes full membership of Ipswich School Sports Centre (Tel 01473-272525). This Sports Club is owned by Ipswich School (and trades as ‘Ipswich School Enterprises Ltd’), and is run by the Manager, Mr Roger Osborne as a progressive concern aiming to provide the infrastructure for a number of ‘Associate Member Clubs’ (which includes Ipswich – East Suffolk H.C. together with football, badminton, dancing, tennis, netball and other clubs). Members may hire club facilities at advantageous rates. There is (usually) free car parking at the Club, as an additional benefit for members.