Results History

The links from this page provide the results summary for the main Saturday match programme and the Sunday Mixed X1 programme since the club was formed in May 1986.

Mens Hockey overview:

We started in the 1986/87 season with 4 Mens teams. The Mens 5ths, Veterans and the Mixed X1 were all formed as the club was able to expand during the 1990’s decade. The Mens Veterans team was disbanded at the end of the 99/00 season, due to lack of ‘new’ Veterans and the challenges on offer of League hockey for a 6th X1 (in place of Vets) in Division 11 South East ! The former Veterans were promoted twice and finished up in Div 8SE for the 03/04 season and remained in that division for 04/05 and were re-allocated to Div7SE for 05/06 after a league reorganisation. By the end of the 06/07 season, the former Veterans were promoted to Div 6SE for 07/08 – quite a progression over the years! The side retained Div 6SE status at the end of the 07/08 season.

The 2003/04 season saw a downturn in the Mens fortunes with a consolidation to four teams, due to considerable reductions in player numbers. The difficulties were compounded by the relegation of the Mens 1sts, 2nds and 3rds although the Mens 4ths (Veterans) enjoyed a good measure of success.

The 2004/05 season saw further consolidation to 3 Mens teams, with the Mens 3rds (Veterans) again doing well, although the 1sts and 2nds were relegated.

By contrast, the 2005/06 season saw a marked revival in fortunes for the Mens teams when the 1sts won promotion with an unbeaten run in the league and the 2nds also won promotion. The 3rds (Veterans) also played well in their league, after a slow start. The Men recovered further to 4 league teams for the 2006/07 season and all had creditable finishes in their respective divisions. In 2007/08, however, the Mens 2nds found the competition too tough in Div 2N and were relegated, whilst the 1sts, 3rds and 4ths retained their current divisional statuses. The 2008/09 season was broadly positive with promotion of the Mens 4ths (the former Vets) to Div 5NE status, although the 1sts came within 1 place of relegation. Season 2009/10 saw a small improvement of the Mens 1sts placing to 7th in Div 2N and lower mid table finishes in Divs 4NE and 5NE for the 2nds and 3rds. The 4ths in Div 6NE struggled to finish 11th but the team provided good opportunities for both the older veteran players and a number of new youngsters.

2010/11 saw a reversal in status, with the Mens 1st X1 relegated to Div 3NE although the 2nds and 3rds achieved mid-table finishes and the 4ths competed well at Div 6 level. Player numbers remained good, indeed increased and set the store for an expansion to 5 league teams for the new season.

2011/12 turned out to be remarkably successful. Former players returned to the club and other high calibre players joined. Consequently, the Mens 1st X1 rapidly set the pace in Div 3NE, eventually winning promotion back to Div 2N as Champions. The 2nd X1 missed promotion by 1 place but the 3rd X1 joined them in Div 4NE having won 5NE as Champions. The 4th X1 were promoted to 5NE at the end of the season and the club expanded to a 5th X1 which competed well in Div 6NE. IES finished the season as the Suffolk club with the largest number of Mens teams in the East League. The club was honoured with award of the Hugh Jarvis Trophy for ‘fair play’ by the East League Committee.

2012/13 was just as successful with the Mens 1sts achieving a second successive promotion as champions of Div 2N and the 2nds winning Div 4NE. The 3rds came a highly creditable 4th in Div 4NE and the 4ths and 5ths achieved mid-table finishes.

2013/14 was a pivotal season with the 1sts retaining Division 1 status, although with less of a margin than was comfortable. The 2nds fared well in Div 3NE and the 3rds improved to a fine 3rd place in 4NE. The 4ths and 5ths both retained divisional status but with clear objectives to move up the tables during 2014-15.

If 2013/14 was ‘pivotal’ then 2014/15 was remarkable. The Mens 1sts achieved promotion back to East Premier B status after a fine season – the first full one at ISSC – in which we were unbeaten at Home and scored almost 100 goals. The 4ths achieved promotion from their 3rd place finish in Div 5NE and the 5ths achieved promotion as Champions of Div 7NE. The 2nds and 3rds both had top-half finishes in Divs 3NE and 4NE respectively. Increasing membership allowed the club to enter a 6th team for the next season.

Season 2015/16 came close to mirrorring the successes of the previous season with the 2nds promoted to 2NE and the 3rds and 6ths also promoted to 3NE and 6NE respectively. The 1sts finished a solid 7th in Prem B with the 4ths and 5ths also safely finishing either side of mid-table in their divisions.

The highlight of season 2016/17 was the promotion of the 5ths, as champions, to Div 5NE. Unfortunately, the 2nds could not quite sustain their place in 2NE, their relegation being the first one for an IES mens team since 2010/11. The 1sts’ 5th place in Prem B was highly satisfactory with a hint of better to come. The 3rds, 4ths and 6ths all achieved satisfactory mid-table finishes. In the Indoor leagues, IES won the Suffolk Premier division.

Further success was achieved in 2017/18 as the 2nds bounced back to be promoted whilst the 1sts improved to a 4thplace finish in Prem B. The 3rds achieved a hugely creditable 3rdplace finish in 3NE whilst the 4ths comfortably sustained 4NE status in finishing 4th. The 5ths had a tough season finishing 8thin 5NE but a very competitive 6ths came 2ndin 6NE which was insufficient for promotion with just the winner progressing.

The upward trajectory for the 1stteam continued in 2018/19 culminating in a 3rdplace finish in Prem B which was sufficient for promotion to Prem A – the elite level of mens hockey in the East and a significant challenge, as well as a huge opportunity, for the 19/20 season. Other teams had varying fortunes with the 2nds relegated from Div 2 level although the 3rds, 4ths, 5ths and 6ths all achieved mid-table finishes. IES Mens A won the Suffolk Indoor League.

Season 2019/20 was one of mixed fortunes. The Mens 1sts were relegated from Prem A as the loss of several key players and the high level competition was decisive. Both the Mens 2nds and 3rds finished strongly in Div 3NE with the 2nds missing promotion by 1 place. The 4ths achieved mid-table in Div 4NE but the 5ths could not prosper in Div 5NE and were relegated. Morale remained high during a benign winter even though the season was abruptly curtailed by the Coronavirus crisis with the round of games due for 21stMarch voided by the league.

Season 2020-21 was run in the shadow of all the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic and ultimately resulted in abandonment of the league competitions from January 2021. We were able to play a few league games in September, October and December 2020 but were otherwise oblliged to close down all club operations for the season. In the games played our teams broadly made slow starts although a much re-built 1stteam won 3 games in Premier B including a victory away at St Albans on the last day that play was possible.

Ladies Hockey overview:

Ladies hockey was started by the club in the 1989-1990 season. We have run either two or three league teams in the season since then with a 1st X1 playing at levels up to East Division 1. That said, an expansion in numbers allowed the club to expand to 4 league teams for 2017/18. The results tables where available from the links below summarise the progress and outcomes in the earlier years, from 1989/90 to 2003/04.
The three IES Ladies teams had mixed fortunes in the 04/05 season with the 1sts and 3rds finishing in the relegation positions but the 2nds achieved a highly creditable 3rd place in the Suffolk Premier. By the 05/06 season, the Ladies 1sts and 3rds achieved mid-table finishes in their respective divisions whilst the 2nds maintained parity with another 3rd place finish in the Suffolk Premier. The Ladies 1sts achieved 2nd place in their division at the end of the 06/07 season and were promoted to East Div 1N in 07/08 and duly achieved a mid-table finish at the end of a tough campaign. Season 2008/09 resulted in mid-table finishes for the Ladies 1sts and 2nds and a promotion for the 3rds. Satisfaction turned to resignation as the club found itself unable to raise a Ladies 3rds for 2009/10 due to a downturn in available players and the club reduced in size to two teams. The 1sts and 2nds both achieved mid-table finishes for the season.

Unfortunately, IES Ladies 1sts mirrored the Mens 1sts in 2010/11 by finishing in a relegation position but competed well in East Div 2N, finishing in mid-table at the end of 2011/12. The Ladies 2nds narrowly retained status in the Suffolk Premier Division at the end of 2011/12. At the end of the 2012-13 season, the Ladies 1sts retained East Div 2 status but the Ladies 2nds were relegated. More positively, the club had an increase in player numbers and expanded back to 3 ladies teams for the 2013-14 season. Unfortunately, by the conclusion of the season, the Ladies 1sts were relegated to the Suffolk League for 2014/15 but strongly resolved to work for promotion back to East League status. The Ladies 2nds were promoted to the Suffolk Premier after a 2nd place finish whilst the Ladies 3rds completed their programme in Division 1 and improved continuously throughout.

The Ladies 1sts did indeed achieve promotion back to East Div 2 status, as Champions of the Suffolk League in 2014/15, with an unbeaten record. The 2nds retained a position in the Suffolk Premier and the 3rds in Suffolk Div 1.

Season 2015/16 proved challenging with the 1sts finishing 9th but crucially retaining East Div 2 status. The 2nds also struggled to an 8th place (of 10) finish in the Suffolk Premier but good enough to stay in the division. The 3rds continued their steady progress, ensuring that all games were played as new players were introduced, and finished a solid 4th in Suffolk Div 1.

The 2016/17 season saw the Ladies 1sts and 2nds under pressure for positive results and the prospect of relegations loomed at the mid-season break. However, the 1sts rallied strongly as especially the young players made their pace and abilities count, resulting in 6 wins and a draw from the last 10 games and a final placing of 8th (of 12) in the division to retain status. The 2nds were not so successful, finishing 7th of 8 in the Suffolk Premier, but crucially won a play-off game to avoid relegation. The 3rds came 6th of 8 teams in Div 1 and showed promise and resolve throughout, whilst providing opportunities for a good number of new players. This underpinned a decision to expand to 4 teams for the 2017/18 season.

2017/18 was defined by a huge 1stX1 improvement to achieve promotion to Div 1N based on a strong commitment to coaching and training and rapidly improving young players. The 2nds finished mid-table in the Suffolk Premier division but anticipated being joined in the division following the 3rds outstanding achievement of winning Suffolk Div 1 and associated promotion. The new 4thX1 recorded a creditable 5thplace, which included 5 victories, in Suffolk Div 1.

The step up to East Div 1N for the Ladies 1sts in 2018/19 was challenging especially after five initial defeats but a determined team turned their fortunes around to eventually finish clear of relegation and in good shape to challenge for a higher finish at this level in 2019/20. An improved 2nds finished 3rdin the Suffolk Premier and the promoted 3rds finished 7thin this division. The 4ths again achieved 5thin Suffolk Div 1. Following consultations within the Suffolk hockey community it was decided to transfer all ladies league hockey to the East League structure for 2019/20 with the IES 2nds and 3rds allocated to a new Div 3NE and the 4ths to 4NE.

Season 2019/20 was IES Ladies 1sts finest with an outstanding 2ndplace finish and promotion to the East Premier Division for 20/21. A remarkable achievement based on fine coaching, fast improving young players and top leadership. It had taken just 31 years for IES Ladies 1sts to be playing at the same divisional level as Ipswich 1sts (in 20/21)! The 2nds enjoyed a steady season, although the mid-table finish in Div 3NE was less than hoped for, whilst the 3rds were unfortunately relegated from this level. The 4ths in 4NE did well with a good percentage of games won and a mid-table finish. As with the Mens hockey the season finished after the games played on March 14thand all divisional finishes were determined by the league committee at that point.

As with the summary provided above for the Mens teams, the Ladies teams were similarly restricted by the Covid situation. The 1sts were coming up to pace in the East Premier division but the sole point won on the pitch was deducted due to an oversight in regard to league rules. The 2nds were in contention for promotion whilst the 3rds won most of the games played by ‘cricket scores’ and were rewarded by a de-facto promotion in the league reorganisation put in place for 2021-22. The 4ths also made steady headway in Div4NE. The 1sts were placed in the East Premier division for 2021-22 based on their 2019-20 performance and look forward to the considerable challenge of hockey at that level for the second successive season.

Closing note:
There is no attempt to relate the results summaries to league status for any given season because the leagues have been changed in name structure and organisation too often to make comparisons completely meaningful. (The results for 1986/87 are believed to have been lost and the period 1988 – 1993 will have to await a later upload of data!). Mixed hockey on Sundays was popular until around the millennium from when it petered out and was, in effect, replaced by Indoor hockey. Some occasional social mid-week mixed hockey matches for IES teams continue to be organised to this day. Club members should register an interest to play with the Secretary.


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